Practice Good Oral Health this Holiday Season

family smiling teeth

The only thing worse than a cracked tooth or cavity is getting one during the holiday season, which is why Comprehensive Family Dental has some advice for your family this December. From hard candy to nuts and red wine, there are so many holiday treats that can cause trouble for your pearly whites. Remember to […]

Help Your Kids Stay Cavity Free!

Little beautiful girl at the dentist smiling

A word that makes every parent grimace, cavities are extraordinarily common among children and teens. A cavity typically form by first making its way through the tooth enamel somewhere, then growing much more rapidly in the softer dentin. Most patients do not feel cavities until they are very deep. Most often caused by dietary sugars […]

Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited to Brush Their Teeth

Image of a Mom and a kid are brushing their teeth

Here at Comprehensive Family Dental we want all our patients – especially the kids – to enjoy coming to the dentist! Getting kids to brush can be tough, but it will keep their smiles shiny and cavity free. Here are some tips and trick to make brushing fun: Tell Them A Story Explain to your […]