Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited to Brush Their Teeth

Here at Comprehensive Family Dental we want all our patients – especially the kids – to enjoy coming to the dentist! Getting kids to brush can be tough, but it will keep their smiles shiny and cavity free. Here are some tips and trick to make brushing fun:

Tell Them A Story

Explain to your kids why brushing is important – but make it fun! Tell them all about the plaque monsters that sugary residues can cause and make their toothbrush the hero in the story, saving the day from evil cavities invading their mouth! A great story will make brushing a fun adventure for young kids.

Brush Your Teeth Too

Make brushing a family experience. Lead by example and show your kids that it is important for everyone to brush their teeth, parents included. Young kids want to be just like their parents, so if you brush, they will too! Whether you purchase “matching” toothbrushes or join your child in the brushing excursion every night before bed, it will help them to form lifelong healthy habits.

Try An Electric Toothbrush

I also recommend Philips sonicare toothbrushes to all my patients. They even have a version for kids with fun designs and a timer to help them reach the recommended two minutes of brushing. Using an electric toothbrush makes brushing fun and is a great way to ensure your kids are doing a good job!

To learn more about healthy brushing habits or to schedule dental appointments for you and your family, contact Comprehensive Family Dental online or by calling 361-573-7722 today. Happy Brushing!


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