DEKA CO2 Laser QuietNite: An Improved Aid For Sleep Therapy

Collagen Laser For Snoring in Victoria, TX

Comprehensive Family Dental is thrilled to introduce QuietNite Laser Therapy for our valued patients in Victoria, TX. This innovative treatment addresses snoring and sleep disturbances, enhancing your rest and overall well-being. Say goodbye to restless nights and embrace a serene, sound sleep with our cutting-edge QuietNite Laser Therapy.

What is DEKA QuietNite?

DEKA QuietNite is a non-invasive low-energy laser therapy, targeting the soft palate, tonsils, and tongue, providing a quick and painless treatment. It stimulates collagen, tightening the treated areas. This procedure not only decontaminates the area but also seals nerve endings, ensuring no pain, no side effects, and no bleeding. The main aim is to reduce the intensity of snoring, improving sleep quality by leveraging the medicinal benefits of CO2 energy and the engineering prowess of DEKA.

How can DEKA CO2 Laser QuietNite Improve Your Sleep Quality?

  • Reduced snoring
  • Decontamination during treatment
  • No need for topical anesthetic
  • No postoperative pain
  • Quick, painless procedure in minutes
  • Increased collagen stimulation to provide longer results

Why Should You Choose DEKA QuietNite?

With ideal penetration depth, DEKA eC02 dental lasers are the most gentle and precise laser on soft tissue.

  • Minimally invasive approach
  • No bleeding
  • No side effects
  • No downtime
  • Up to three easy treatments can be performed as needed, spaced 21 days apart during the initial treatment
  • Follow-up treatment can be performed annually or as needed

Treatment time

In under ten minutes, a quick and non-invasive procedure can be performed with DEKA QuietNite to vastly improve snoring with the least amount of downtime and discomfort.

Recommended application times

Typically, one or to procedures spaced 21 days apart, and follow-up treatment can be performed annually or as needed to deliver noticeable results for most patients.

Treatment process

Oral Examination

Conduct a thorough oral examination, capturing X-rays to gather essential oral information.

Initiate Treatment

Complete the treatment in under ten minutes without the need for anesthesia or medication, targeting the tonsils, soft palate, and the tongue.

Post-Treatment Results

Address airway obstruction issues such as snoring, or decontaminating tissues to reduce inflammation with immediate return to normal life—patients can eat, drink, and resume daily activities right away.

Why is Laser Therapy the Ideal Treatment?

Laser Dentistry represents a monumental leap in dental technology over the decades. When compared to traditional surgical methods, dental lasers minimize pain, swelling, bleeding, and bacterial presence.

Here are two compelling advantages of DEKA:

Powered by UltraSpeed

DEKA’s UltraSpeed pulse ensures swift ablation with no charring, blending power with gentleness for precise soft tissue treatment.

Designed for Precision

The DEKA CO2 laser’s handcrafted glass tube generates a pure TEM00 beam for precise energy delivery, facilitating a broad spectrum of treatments.

Seize the opportunity to transform your sleep quality. Schedule an appointment at Comprehensive Family Dental today, and explore with your provider if Laser Therapy is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can DEKA CO2 laser provide complete and permanent improvement?

An average of one or two procedures spaced 21 days apart annually is usually sufficient to see results for most patients. With regular maintenance and adherence to good lifestyle habits, following the doctor’s instructions, the improvements can be sustained.

Are there any side effects to the DEKA CO2 Laser treatment?

The treatment is known for its minimal invasiveness with no bleeding, side effects, or downtime.

Why CO2 Works?

CO2 is highly effective as it’s well absorbed by the target tissue, primarily composed of water. Its wavelength is preferred for soft tissue procedures due to its superior co-efficient characteristics in water and excellent homeostasis properties, efficiently ablating tissue with minimal energy penetration, ensuring precise treatment with residual heat energy aiding in coagulation, sealing blood vessels, nerve endings, and lymphatics.