Practice Good Oral Health this Holiday Season

The only thing worse than a cracked tooth or cavity is getting one during the holiday season, which is why Comprehensive Family Dental has some advice for your family this December. From hard candy to nuts and red wine, there are so many holiday treats that can cause trouble for your pearly whites. Remember to brush often during this busy winter month and follow these tips to keep your teeth looking their best:

Be Careful What Treats You Eat

During the holiday season, it seems like there is always a surplus of sticky sweets and hard candy treats to enjoy. Both types of candy can cause trouble for your teeth, so eat them sparingly. You wouldn’t want to lose a filling or crack a tooth on Christmas Eve!

Shell Nuts Ahead of Time

Nuts are another common culprit for cracked teeth during the holiday season. While many of us think our teeth are the perfect tool for cracking shells, a nutcracker is a much better option. We recommend shelling nuts before putting them out at your next holiday get-together to keep kids and adults alike from hurting their teeth.

Watch the Wine

While red wine is a staple at most holiday meals, this drink can do a lot of damage to your oral health. Not only will red wine stain your teeth, but drinking any alcohol in access can cause dry mouth, allowing bacteria to grow more quickly. Brush your teeth well after drinking to keep your smile bright and white. Also, work to reduce the number of drinks you indulge in during the seasonal celebrations to avoid dry mouth and gum disease.

Fill Your Stocking with Care

The best dental advice we can provide for the holidays is to include your teeth in the celebrations. Instead of stuffing your stockings with sweets, why not give everyone a fun new toothbrush and some floss? Tooth brushes should be changed every few months and this way, you will begin the New Year on the right foot. Talk to your kids about brushing regularly set a limit on sweets to keep them from going overboard around Christmastime.

As 2016 draws near, Comprehensive Family Dental encourages you to schedule annual appointments for the whole family. Visit us online or give us a call at 361-573-7722 to set up your appointment today.


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