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Dr. Rainey and Dr. Fritsche love to stay connected with their patients and share their knowledge of dentistry even outside your scheduled dental visits. This blog offers an opportunity to continue to educate and answer your questions between visits. We cover topics from general health to technology to important research emerging from the field.

Posted May 13, 2015 / Blog, Comprehensive Family Dental Blog
Dr. Tim Rainey

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing a dentist for cosmetic dental work can be a difficult task. Just about every new dental office seems to advertise that they perform cosmetic dentistry. In larger cities you might see a strip center with a sign that says cosmetic dentist or even cosmetic dental center. Even more daunting in smaller towns, like trying […]

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Posted April 14, 2015 / Blog, Comprehensive Family Dental Blog
Dr. Tim Rainey

How to prevent crooked teeth and needing braces.

What causes teeth to be crowded and patients to need orthodontics? It seems like the like one of the old proverbial questions to which nobody has the answer. Not the case. As I alluded to in my “Why is my child grinding their teeth?” post, there is direct and scientifically verified reason as to why most […]

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Posted March 25, 2015 / Blog, Comprehensive Family Dental Blog
Dr. Tim Rainey

Why is my child grinding their teeth?

Many parents say that they can hear their child grinding teeth at night while sleeping.  They come in and ask what we can do about it. In many cases the childs teeth will be flattened like our adult TMJ patients and in some cases I have been able to see the pinkish color of the […]

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Posted February 9, 2015 / Blog, Comprehensive Family Dental Blog
Dr. Tim Rainey

Mercury Free Dentistry

Dental amalgam silver fillings are is still widely used in the US and here in Texas. This is despite the fact that it is 50% mercury and we all know that mercury is extremely toxic, not to mention the fact that many other countries have banned its use. Aside from the fact of the obvious […]

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Posted December 10, 2014 / Blog, Comprehensive Family Dental Blog
Dr. Tim Rainey

TMJ Treatment and Facial Pain Treatment

Patients who suffer from TMJ disorders causing TMJ and facial Pain can often have challenges finding the right dentist in Victoria, Texas to treat them if they have a severe case. There are not many dental clinics here who treat very severe cases,  and understandably so as they are not straightforward to treat.  Often I […]

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Posted December 1, 2014 / Blog, Comprehensive Family Dental Blog
Dr. Tim Rainey

How to fix a cracked tooth.

              That pain that you feel when you bite in to something can be a cracked tooth. Sometimes its hard to reproduce the symptom and it happens only on occasion. That is still serious though and it will likely need treatment. When a tooth has a deep crack into […]

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Posted November 26, 2014 / Blog, Comprehensive Family Dental Blog
Dr. Tim Rainey

What is the best type of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure that we provide in our Victoria, TX dental office.  Patients read about it in magazines, see ads on TV, and see products that they can according to the ads buy themselves in the store and online. So, what is the difference between the different tooth whitening […]

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Posted November 17, 2014 / Blog, dental implants victoria tx
Dr. Tim Rainey

Dental Implants are usually the best way to replace missing teeth.

When a tooth is missing, there are often multiple ways to replace them such as bridges and partial dentures.  If you want to replace a missing tooth with something that is closest to a natural tooth, then a dental implant would be the ideal choice.  A dental implant is basically an artificial tooth root that […]

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Posted November 11, 2014 / Blog, sleep apnea victoria tx
Dr. Tim Rainey

How a dentist can help with sleep apnea

When someone is diagnosed with or suspects that they have sleep apnea they often do not realize that in many cases a dentist trained in sleep dentistry could help them right here in Victoria, Texas. The first step is always to get a diagnosis through a sleep test which is then read by a board […]

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Posted March 30, 2009 / Blog, dentist victoria tx
Dr. Tim Rainey

Welcome to Comprehensive Family Dental in Victoria, Texas

Our team at Comprehensive Family Dental would like to welcome you to our Victoria Texas dentist office. Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care and superb customer service to dental patients of all ages. From being available for your phone calls and dental emergencies, to offering special sedation dentistry services for patients with high […]

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