Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Many people want to straighten their crooked teeth so that they can have a smile that they want to show off. Often what keeps them from starting orthodontics is that they dread the metal wires and brackets bonded on their teeth, at least in my experience in my dentist office in Victoria, TX. Some of the other things that might hold orthodontic patients back are concerns about the payment options and even uncertainty if their teeth can even be straightened in a reasonable amount of time. Lets address these common concerns next

Invisalign is the best orthodontic treatment available to straighten teeth without braces. We use clear thin trays that the patient wears and changes out with new trays every 2 weeks. I have years of orthodontic education and experience in treating patients with both braces and Invisalign and I can tell you that there are very few cases where Invisalign would not work. Any force given enough time will move a tooth. Just look at a child that sucks their thumb and has a space between the teeth in the shape of the thumb. The teeth will respond to the proper orthodontic force. With the case of Invisalign, the patients models are 3D scanned into a special computer program that precisely calculates and plans each tooth movement throughout the entire process.  It has been very helpful too in cosmetic dentistry cases where we need to create a precise space between the teeth at the end of orthodontics in order to do veneers or cosmetic bonding. Now, lets address the other concerns…..time and money.

The time that Invisalign takes to straighten teeth for me in my Victoria, TX dentist office varies just like traditional dental braces do. It just depends on how far we need to go. Some cases take just several months and some take a year or a little more. One thing about Invisalign is that you know how long the orthodontic case should take up front because the 3D computer software predicts if very accurately.  What does Invisalign cost? The answer is that it is very similar to traditional braces and the cost of Invisalign will vary by your area.  Since we are Victoria, TX dentists, our patients benefit in that our fees tend to be more reasonable than some in larger metropolitan areas. We have a financing option too that allows our patients to make small monthly payments over time for their Invisalign.

So how do you choose an orthodontist or dentist to do your Invisalign? In my opinion, with the knowledge that I have I would personally choose an experienced Invisalign provider who is not just focused on straightening the teeth solely, but is also aware of the effects that moving teeth can have on the airway and the TMJ.  If the orthodontic patient is anatomically predisposed to a narrow airway and the front teeth are pulled back too much, this can negatively impact the airway. It can potentially worsen Sleep Apnea and sleep breathing disorders which in turn can often cause TMJ problems. Having a dentist who is trained in dental sleep medicine would mean that they should be considering these things when planning the orthodontic case and these issues can be avoided.

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