Types for All Stripes: Teeth Whitening

The image shows a row of teeth on a green background with the words "teeth whitening" written on it.

Whiter, brighter teeth are on the top of everyone’s smile wish list – and for good reason! White teeth look young and healthy. The good news is that teeth whitening is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your smile, and the results are almost immediate. If you’re already taking good care of […]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Invisalign®!

A person holding a clear aligner in their hand.

If you have a crooked tooth, odd spaces between your teeth or a poor bite, you might be considering all of your orthodontic options. Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that realigns your bite and teeth for the best possible look and function. Did you know that our ancestors actually had naturally larger jaws? This […]

What’s a Pulpotomy? Pain Relief for Tiny Teeth

A blue heart with a white tooth in it. The text above the heart says "What's a Pulpotomy?" and the text below the heart says "Pain Relief for Tiny Teeth."

The pulp is found in the center of each tooth and consists of tissue, nerves, and blood vessels, which work together to provide oxygen and nutrients that keep them healthy and strong. If one or more teeth suffer a traumatic injury or decay, the pulp can become inflamed or infected. When this happens in a […]

How Dental Nightguards Can Help You

A logo for a dental night guard company.

It’s common to see people wearing mouthguards for protection during all kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, and boxing, but did you know that lots of folks wear mouthguards at night for their dental health? People who grind their teeth (bruxism) and people with sleep apnea can get relief from their symptoms simply by […]

ADHD and other behavioral disorders can be related to poor sleep.

The above video is the story of a mother and her difficult journey in getting treatment for her son who had debilitating behavioral issues. ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a term that unfortunately most people in our society are all too familiar with. It sadly might even be considered “normal” to some degree […]

Silver fillings increase mercury blood levels up to 150%.

Image of a woman that receiving treatment at a dentist's hospital

Recent research examined  the levels of mercury found in the blood of research participants in relation to the number of silver amalgam fillings that they have.(1) Not surprisingly, as the number of silver dental fillings increased, so did the level of mercury detected in their blood. In people who had 8 or more amalgam fillings, […]

Recent flossing study, is it time to hang up your floss?

The image shows a dentist using a drill to remove the root of a tooth.

The recent news about an AP study which concluded that flossing your teeth was not beneficial has been an hot topic for dentists and dental patients recently. I think you could almost feel the collective sigh of relief from the multitudes who are not fond of flossing their teeth. That flossing study I believe has […]

How to whiten your teeth fast.

Many patients have tried different methods to whiten their teeth with varying degrees of success. Some patents don’t even try to bleach their teeth because they believe that their teeth are so stained that it will not work for them. I am here to tell you that after many years of offering bleach for my […]

Laser Cavity Detection, how many hidden cavities do you have?

image of a woman receiving treatment at a dentist's hospital

How could you possibly have hidden decay if you get X-Rays and a dental exam every 6 months? If you have been to the dentist before, then you are probably familiar with the part of the dental examination where the little silver hooked probe is used to press on the fissures in the teeth to […]

Fix Cavities Without a Drill or Shots

Image of a woman that is Fix Cavities Without A Drill Or Shots

Why do Many Patients Fear Going to the Dentist?  What is Air Abrasion and how does it make going to the  Dentist more Comfortable? Many dental patients are unaware that in many cases, certain cavities can be easily removed and filled without the need for shots or the dental drill. Fissure decay and smaller cavities […]