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Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant Denture Benefits

By placing dental implants under a denture it can be very effective at stabilizing a denture. When dental implants are used to attach to an existing full denture, the denture is called an overdenture. This can be done either under an existing denture or done as part of new dentures. The denture can still be taken in and out, it just snaps onto the dental implants. We can replace elastics in the connection to control how much force it takes to snap the implant denture in place. By snapping the denture to the implant, the denture does not slip and fall and it is much easier to eat a variety of foods.

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In addition to the implants under dentures allowing more natural function, they also have the added benefit of strengthening the bone itself.

When teeth are missing, the bone is not needed to be so thick in that location so the jawbone shrinks. This is what causes traditional dentures to get very loose with time and to require a reline or new lining inside of the old dentures. The dental implants act as a tooth and keep the bone around it thick and strong, thereby preventing the shrinkage of the jaw that we would otherwise see.

Denture Implant Options

Implant Dentures Snap onto the implants and hold the dentures in place until the patient is ready to remove them.

Implant Denture Palate Free
Implant Denture Palate Free

Denture Implant Options

There is a wide range of implant denture options which ranges from placing 2 dental implants under a full denture for stabilization, all the way to a hybrid denture. A hybrid implant denture has enough implants supporting it so that the denture base is not needed for suction. So they are a lot more streamlined and do not need the pink material to extend into the upper palate or down along the sides of the tongue. Our patients have the option to have their hybrid implant denture made so that it is fixed in place and does not need to be removed by the patient or they can be made removable and taken out when the patient wants to clean them. Our dental implant patients all have the option to have the procedure done for their dental implants in Victoria, TX. They usually elect to have their dental implants placed while under sedation for their own comfort. They wake up after the procedure and everything is done.

All-On-4 Dental Implant Dentures
All on 4 Same Day Teeth are screwed into dental implants and do not come out. Here is a case that we made ahead of the surgery.

Same-Day All-on-4® Implant Dentures

All-On-4 implant dentures are done using 3D scanning technology and special dental implant planning software. They are essentially the same type of denture as the hybrid fixed denture, the difference is that we use fewer implants and are able to fabricate the implant denture before the surgery so that the entire procedure can be done in one appointment in one office.

If you are in need of an implant dentist in Victoria, TX to evaluate your options for an implant denture or implant overdenture please call us for a dental implant consultation at (361) 573-7722.

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